At Somerville Dental, we want you to achieve and maintain your best dental and oral health. A dental prophylaxis, or teeth cleaning, is designed to do just that. This dental treatment goes beyond regular brushing and flossing. Dr. Chaudhry or our Registered Dental Hygienist remove the buildup of food particles, plaque bacteria and hard tartar deposits that gather and form at and underneath the gum line, between teeth and in other hard to reach places using specially designed instruments.

Based on your individual dental needs and your overall health, it may be recommended that you see your dental hygienist every 3 or 4 or 6 months in order to maintain a healthy mouth and keep dental plaque and bacteria at their least toxic and damaging levels.

To promote healthier teeth and gums, call Somerville Dental today at 908-725-0200 and reserve an appointment for a dental prophylaxis (dental teeth cleaning) in Somerville, New Jersey!