At Somerville Dental we strive to offer you the right restoration for your specific dental needs. If you have lost a tooth or had a tooth removed, a dental bridge might be the right fit for you. A dental bridge offers a natural-looking, durable restoration for a single lost tooth or for multiple missing teeth.

A bridge treatment uses a fixed dental prosthetic to restore the appearance and function of missing teeth. This prosthetic is not removable and looks and feels just like your natural smile. Once the bridge treatment is finished, you can enjoy:

  • Restored speech, chewing and eating
  • Diminished pressure on your bite
  • Improvement in diminished appearance or facial volume
  • A full, complete smile that will not move out of position

Call 908-725-0200 and Dr. Asad Chaudhry and our team in Somerville, New Jersey, can answer any questions you may have about bridges, dental restoration and you!