Plan your next appointment with Dr. Asad Chaudhry and his team at Somerville Dental for a full, improved smile. Our practice offers a variety of options for dentures in Somerville, New Jersey, including soft liners, partial dentures and full dentures. Whether you suffer from a few lost teeth or need an entire dental arch replaced, our practice can help!

Dentures are oral appliances that serve as a prosthetic replacement for missing teeth. These appliances allow their wearers to enjoy full dental function and appearance, just like they would with their natural smile. Traditional, removable dentures can also be taken out during the night or for cleaning and these come in two common types:

  • Complete denture, which allows our dentist to replace a complete dental arch or all of the teeth on the upper or lower portions of the jaw.
  • Partial denture, which can replace arches with both missing and natural teeth. A partial denture will be fitted and anchored around the natural teeth, allowing them to function normally.

With the help of dentures, patients can enjoy not only an improved smile, but also a stronger bite, improved speaking ability and restored facial volume.

Our dentist can make sure your dentures are fitted comfortably to your mouth. Call 908-725-0200 today for a denture appointment at Somerville Dental!