Keep your smile healthy and beautiful with help from our dentist, Dr. Asad Chaudhry and our team. We are able to treat a variety of dental problems, from big to small. One of the most common is dental fillings.

Fillings allow Dr. Chaudhry to repair minor or more moderate damage to a tooth. This damage can result from tooth decay (a cavity) or from minor chipping or cracking. Not only does this restore the function of your tooth, it also restores its structure and appearance.

At Somerville Dental, Dr. Chaudhry offers the option of porcelain dental fillings. The porcelain material blends in naturally with your existing tooth structure and you no longer have to rely on silver (metal) fillings to restore your smile.

Call us at 908-725-0200 to find out more about high-quality porcelain dental fillings in Somerville, New Jersey. Schedule a consult with Dr. Chaudhry today for a review of your dental restoration options!