Are you searching for a way to restore your smile? Are you frustrated with dentures or other appliances that don’t fit your needs? Whether you have multiple missing teeth or are missing a full arch, implant-supported dentures can provide a smile that looks and functions like your natural teeth.  Traditional dentures can become ill-fitting over time, interfering with your bite and speech pattern and negatively affect your overall quality of life.

At Somerville Dental, Dr. Chaudhry offers several implant supported treatment options, the most common being the All-On-4 procedure.  With the All-On-4 procedure and other implant-supported options like Trefoil, implants form a stable foundation for your denture, anchoring the restoration and preventing your denture from “floating” and giving you a smile that looks and feels natural.

Visit Somerville Dental, where Dr. Asad Chaudhry can provide you with stable, long-lasting dental restorations whether you are looking for traditional, removable dentures or for more permanent implant-supported dentures. Call 908-725-0200 to schedule a denture consult in Somerville, New Jersey!